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LF Speaker Ferrite


Key Features



MODEL W1815052
Nominal Diameter 465/18 mm/inch
Rated impedance 8 ohm
Power handing capacity 1500 watts
Sensitivity(1w/1m) 94.5 dB
Frequency Range Fs-1700 Hz
Voice Coil Diameter 150/6 mm/inch
Voice Coil Material Copper
Number of layer 2
Kind of layer inside/outside 
Resonance frequency Fs 46 Hz 
Dc resistance Re 5.7 ohm
Mechanical factor Qms 7.82
Electrical factor Qes 0.59
Total factor Qts 0.54
BL factor BL 30 T.M
Effective Moving mass Mms 310 g
Effective Cas air load Vas 77.3 liters
Effective piston area Sd 0.1213 m^2
Overall Diameter Φ464/Φ18.27 mm/inch
Bolt Circle Diameter Φ440/Φ17.32 mm/inch 
Bolt Hole Diameter 8-7*8/8-0.28*0.31 mm/inch
Mount Baffle Cut-out Φ417/Φ16.42 mm/inch
Depth 198/7.8 mm/inch
Net Weight      ( 1 unit) 39 kg
Shipping Weight   ( 1 unit) 34 kg
Package Size     ( 1 unit) 528*528*275 mm 

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